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GHISLAINE Maxwell To Appeal Third Bail Rejection, Family Confirm

MEMBERS of Ghislaine Maxwell’s family have stated that there will be an appeal after the businesswoman and former socialite saw a Manhattan judge refuse her request for bail a third time.

In a ruling on Monday, U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan wrote: “If the Court could conclude that any set of conditions could reasonably assure the Defendant’s future appearance, it would order her release. Yet while her proposed bail package is substantial, it cannot provide such reasonable assurances.”

Epstein scandal's pressing issue: the role of Ghislaine Maxwell | Financial  Times

However, Maxwell had offered to place her assets up and millions of pounds as bond to prove that she had no intention of leaving America, as well as offering to renounce her French and British citizenships, despite having deep sentimental family connections to both countries.

To date, she has not been allowed to know the identities of the three anonymous women who have made claims against her – while various claims promoted by the media from Virginia Roberts continue to be proven false.

“To this day, the court has withheld, from our sister, the names of her accusers” some of her siblings said on Twitter. “It is a fundamental right of any U.S. citizen to confront one’s accusers.”

Responding to the third decision to refuse bail, they said: “Ghislaine’s family is obviously deeply disappointed and disturbed. What happened to the presumption of innocence? These uncorroborated allegations are 25 years old. She shouldn’t be detained.”

“There will be an appeal of this decision, and of course, a trial. Her family continues to support her in her truthful fight for her innocence.”

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