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GHISLAINE Refused Bail – Also STILL Refused The Right To Know Who Her Accusers Are

GHISLAINE Maxwell has been refused bail for the third time, raising legal concerns over her being detained despite not being allowed to know the identities of her accusers to form a solid defence against over twenty-five-year-old allegations.

The British businesswoman and former socialite has remained in a notorious Brookyln prison ever since her arrest, despite not having been proven guilty of any crime.

Maxwell remains in a cell in Brooklyn’s violent and squalid MDC jail

Maxwell made her third bid for bail in February, in which she offered to renounce her French and British citizenships to “eliminate any opportunity for her to seek refuge in those countries.”

She also offered to have her assets placed in an account that would be monitored by a retired federal judge to ensure that they wouldn’t be used for flight.

U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan ruled Monday that the risk of Maxwell fleeing the country is “too high”.

Commenting on Twitter, some of Ghislaine’s brothers and sisters who run the account ‘@GMaxFacts’ showed their dismay and anger of the ruling, saying: “Ghislaine’s family is obviously deeply disappointed and disturbed. What happened to the presumption of innocence? These uncorroborated allegations are 25 years old. She shouldn’t be detained.”

“To this day, the court has withheld, from our sister, the names of her accusers” they added in another tweet. “It is a fundamental right of any U.S. citizen to confront one’s accusers.”

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