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MAXWELL Accuser Sarah Ransome Lied About Trump And Clinton Sex Tapes In Bid For Cash And Attention

SARAH Ransome, best known for appearing on Netflix’s Epstein: Filthy Rich, hid a few inconvenient truths that damage her credibility and reliability as a witness – with Netflix itself seeming to have also helped in the ‘cover up’ to mislead viewers.

Ransome, the granddaughter of Lord Gordon Macpherson, second baron of Drumochter, was allegedly introduced to Epstein in 2006 after being approached by a woman in a nightclub in New York.

She later hit the headlines after joining a small group of women seeking to financially gain from the Epstein scandal, alleging that while she was in her twenties Jeffrey Epstein forced her into performing sex acts and directed her to have sex with esteemed attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Epstein sex slave tried to swim shark-infested waters to escape

However, Ransome’s accusation only came following similar accusations made by discredited ‘victim’ Virginia Roberts, whose own legal team have since admitted that it was ‘wrong’ to label Dershowitz a paedophile, and confessed that claims against him were unreliable at best.

“I’ve never met this woman” Dershowitz said of Ransome. “I don’t know her, I’ve never heard of her. She just made it up completely”.

To date, neither Virginia Giuffre, conspiracy theorist Maria Farmer, nor Sarah Ransom have ever been able to provide a single piece of evidence to support their claims of being trafficked, let alone any proof of involvement by Maxwell or Dershowitz. On the contrary, Giuffre was recently exposed as having clearly written in her memoir that she had never engaged in sexual activity with numerous people she later received huge sums of cash from newspapers to say the very opposite. Among those found to have been falsely accused by the former prostitute are the outspoken attorney and Prince Andrew.

Alan Dershowitz Talks Jeffrey Epstein on TV ... But Plays Chicken in Court  | Hollywood Reporter
MESSING WITH THE WRONG MAN: Alan Dershowitz has vigorously defended himself against unsubstantiated accusations

Ransome’s lack of credibility, however, did not come as a shock to some.

In 2016, Ransome tried to sell a ‘story’ to Maureen Callahan of the New York Post, claiming that she had tapes of herself having sex with prominent men, including Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, and also possessed a sex tape of Hillary Clinton.

When Callahan asked her to produce these tapes, she said they had been sent to Europe to protect them because Clinton has arranged for The CIA to kill her and she was under the protection of the KGB. Ransome later confessed to a journalist of the New Yorker, who had first helped make Ransome’s claims public during the 2016 Presidential election, that she had lied and that no such tapes existed.

Investigative journalist Maureen Callahan on significance of Ghislaine  Maxwell's arrest
Journalist Maureen Callhan has confirmed that Ransome lied to her in an attempt to gain cash and attention

This damning fact was not mentioned in the factually-negligent Netflix documentary that broadcast her fresh accusations to millions, without any disclosure or evidence.

“I know that Netflix had the evidence of Ransome’s admitted fabrications because I gave it to them and they promised to use it” said Dershowitz. “But they deliberately censored the parts of my interview in which I provided the evidence of her lack of credibility, precisely because they didn’t want their viewers to know the truth about Ransome’s questionable history.”

Virginia Giuffre previously joined Ransome in making accusations against President Trump – telling a Daily Mail journalist that Trump had flirted with young girls with Jeffrey Epstein, before later lying and denying that she had made such a claim.

After making her claims against Dershowitz, Virginia stated that she had talked about him with Tony Figueroa, her boyfriend during the time she was with Epstein. Virginia described calling him from the island and complaining of being obligated to “have sex with O. J. Simpson’s lawyer.” In January, 2016, two attorneys working with Dershowitz tracked Figueroa down to secure an affidavit that would preempt any such testimony.

“Virginia only once mentioned Alan Dershowitz,” it read. “I remember she described Mr. Dershowitz as ‘O. J. Simpson’s lawyer.’ She did not say she ever had any physical contact with him.”

Epstein's victims speak out at dramatic hearing | Daily Mail Online
Virginia Giuffre has been found to have lied under oath about being trafficked to ‘presidents’ and numerous celebrities

Dershowitz also gathered evidence from phone calls with Rebecca Boylan, a girlhood friend of Giuffre’s. In a transcript that he introduced during a deposition, Boylan says that Giuffre was pursuing Dershowitz only under pressure from lawyers, and that “I’ve never heard her mention you as [sic] when we were kids.”

Dershowitz has also provided approximately 10,000 pages of travel records and bankcard statements proving that the timeframe and locations set forward in accusations against him cannot be possible.

Ransome has since come under scrutiny yet again after claiming that she had tried to escape through ‘shark-infested waters’ in a bid to get away from Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

According to Ransome, she did not get far after trying to escape and was quickly brought back by ‘a team in boats working for Epstein’.

No evidence from former staff members or self-proclaimed victims has ever been presented to support the existence of such a ‘team’.

Ransome previously claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell ‘recruited’ her to work for Jeffrey Epstein – before once again contradicting herself, telling the Mail that rather than Maxwell, a different young woman approached her in a nightclub. 

Jeffrey Epstein accusers fight back tears at emotional Manhattan hearing  where victims, defense lawyers call for deeper investigation - New York  Daily News
Both Ransome and Virginia have made a fortune from the press and legal system from their contradictory accusations

‘She [the woman] found out everything about me very quickly. I was so broken. I was an open book. It was like: ”there’s this amazing guy, a philanthropist, this wealthy guy, he’s amazing, he’s helped me so much, he’s helped me achieve my dreams, he can help you”.

It is unclear who Ransome is referring to, with some speculating the culprit to be Virginia Roberts/Giuffre, who has herself openly claimed to having ‘trafficked children’ to Epstein for cash.

Ransome now claims she was eventually able to ‘escape’ Epstein in 2007 – however this claim too has been heavily questioned following the revelation that in 2007 she in fact moved to live rent-free in Epstein’s luxurious Manhattan property.

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