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WHO’S DANIELLE BENSKY?: A Bio Of Epstein’s Out-Of-The-Blue Accuser

QUESTIONS are already being raised about a woman who spontaneously stood in front of news reporters to declare herself as an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

Without evidence, Danielle Hannah Bensky addressed the media in Virginia Giuffre-like fashion outside the courthouse where Ghislaine Maxwell had just moments before pleaded not guilty to accusations made by her so-far unidentified accusers.

Bensky appeared outside court with the same lawyers representing discredited accuser Virginia Giuffre

Here’s what we know about Bensky:

Born in October 1986, the 34-year-old professional dancer claims that she was abused by Jeffrey Epstein, yet has so far provided no further details. On the Internet Movie Database, Bensky records herself as having been born in Manhatten, New York. On another site she states she was born in California.

Bensky’s MySpace account and other online profiles show that she has been involved with performing arts since her teens

Her claim that the event took place when she was 18 sets the alleged events as having taken place around 2005.

By 2005, Bensky was already starting her career in performing arts and amateur dramatics, enrolling herself on and performing on stage off-broadway.

Bensky has never previously made any allegations against either Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell, and around the period that she now claims she was abused, TMF found that she was performing in ‘Sodom: The Musical’ in New York.

Starring The Village People’s Randy Jones as the character of God, the off-broadway show told the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, with a series of ‘murderers and prostitutes’ taking the stage, Bensky among them, to dance and sing of sin.

A member of the former cast, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed to TheMaxwellFiles that rehearsals took place over “quite a few months”, and that “it was pretty full-on; almost every day”.

Describing her relationship with Chris Trousdale as her ‘claim to fame’, Bensky was the girlfriend of the American actor and boyband singer from at least 2006 – their relationship coming to an end around 2009.

Trousdale tragically passed away in his early thirties last year, with his death being recorded as related to Covid-19, although members of his family dispute this.

Bensky then continued to work in theatre and amateur dramatics, before carving a career as a professional dancer, performing for Disney Cruise Line before becoming a dancing instructor.

Following the revelation that key accuser Virginia Giuffre had lied under oath and falsely accused a throng of celebrities and politicians, and that another accuser, Sarah Ransome, had admitted to lying to the press that she had sex tapes of ‘Trump, Clinton, and Richard Branson’, the credibility of numerous accusers has come under serious scrutiny.

It is yet to be seen if Bensky will join Virginia Giuffre in selling her accusations to the press.

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