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Maxwell Family Issue Statement After Sister’s Appeal Lodged

The family of Ghislaine Maxwell have issued a statement, with their sister’s latest appeal highlighting inconsistencies in testimonies and a potential miscarriage of justice.

Maxwell’s legal team have this month asked a federal appellate court to overturn her 2021 conviction, arguing prosecutors treated her as a scapegoat for the crimes committed by Jeffrey Epstein.

The document, which can be read in full here, also references the shocking withholding of information by a member of the jury – information that would have likely seen him ruled out from being able to partake in the trial. It also mentions inconsistencies in at least one accuser’s testimonies, whilst documenting alleged mistreatment experienced by Maxwell in a Manhattan prison.

Meanwhile, Maxwell’s devoted family members have issued the following statement:

“On 2 July 2020, our much-loved sister Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI in a theatrical and heavily publicised raid.

“She was in hiding but not from law enforcement. She sought sanctuary from the perseuction of the media that had besieged her Machester-by-the-Sea home and driven her to seperate from her family. One U.K. newspaper had even put a £10,000 price on her head.

“There was no need at all for the raid. It was a calculated publicity stunt designed specificially to criminzalize her in the eyes of her future jury and the world. William Barr, the then US Attorny General had suffered the double embarrassment of his father’s links to Jeffrey Epstein and the death of Epstein on his watch. He needed a proxy and, in Ghislaine, found his victim.

“The DOJ and the FBI jumped to help their defacto boss. Ghislaine’s lawyers were in regular contact with the US Attorney’s office from the time of Epstein’s arrest. Had the FBI asked her lawyers, Ghislaine would have presented herself for questioning at any time and any place.

“She had no need to hide from the FBI because she knew herself to be innocent. Ghislaine did not leave the United States from the time of Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest. Had she had the slightest doubt about that she would have left the US for France where, as a French citizen, she could not have been extradited.

“Against the background of Barr’s expressed embarrassment about the death of Jeffrey Epstein whilst in custody, Southern District of New York (SDNY) Attorney, Audrey Strauss, arranged a heavily choreaographed press conference in which Ghislaine was outrageously criminalised in the eyes of the world. Following the press conference she could not have received a fair trial and did not receive one.

“Ghislaine’s Appeal which is launched today shows how far the Government and the trial court erred in enabling her convictions and how essential it is in the interests of justice that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals overturn them.”

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